Quite possibly the best/worst fortune cookie fortune ever.
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I’d love to hear it.
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Fuck! I forgot B-Rad was in this movie!!
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Handshake with a white guy…LOLS! 

He is watching the other handshakes and he is lookin like, “ok so how does that one go. Do I just - … oh I get the normal one. Good.”
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Anonymous said: Is it true that Africa was a shithole before colonization because a lot of blacks on here seem to think it was some sort of paradise before whites came along.
I replied:








At one point it was just like every other land because everywhere were uneducated tribes struggling to do anything. They all evolved though to what we have today while Africa stayed the same. The most prosperous places in Africa today are thanks to “colonization” from Europeans in the south and west and Arabs in the north and now china more recently. A lot of central Africa is prime fertile land and resource rich but leave it to them to fuck it all up. Africa was no paradise or advanced civilization that was sacked by the white man who stole their technology and shit. The greatest thing they can claim was Egypt but that in itself is mostly wrong, as Nubians took Egypt during its end cycle when it was destabilized, though they went on to get it taken again anyway before Egypt finally fell. A lot of the silly claims about Africa and black people in general is mostly Afrocentric conspiracies and shit tier research and and African history revisionist bullshit from the 70’s and 80’s era black pride/panther propaganda. Or they someone use the few (basically almost none) examples of the contrary as absolute and definitive proof that we are all wrong and Africa was this great empire or something. No one on this planet agrees and nothing credible supports it. Hate me or dont, but of all races and ethnicity and skin color and whatever, Africa and blacks have contributed the least to mankind. So much so if this were to be plotted on a chart of some sort, the gap between them and Asians and Arabs and Hispanics and Europeans would be massive.

Oh wait..


Instead of actually aiming to rise up and improve themselves and so on the bulk of them would much rather bitch and complain and bring people (white people specifically) down and put all their lifes failures on them and events of the past. And act racist when fighting racism.

And saying that as a white guy makes me racist. Or a race traitor uncle tom that needs to hurry back to the “pickin fields before massuh comes home” if I were black and saying this.

This is the most racist disgusting unfounded rhetoric I have seen in a while. You have to be one of the most disgusting people I have unfortunately come across on this website. “Africa was just a bunch of uneducated tribes”. Clearly you have no idea what the meaning of the word tribe is in this context, and you also know absolutely NOTHING about African people’s and societies pre-colonisation. Stop talking out of your asscrack you brainless little shit. You are a racist, uneducated little wanker.

- Eniola

and yet you fail to prove him wrong, funny that ;)

What do you mean “I fail to prove him wrong” he has absolutely no facts and statistics that are credible for me to disprove. He made sweeping statements about “Africa” and “tribes” and then “backed it up” with some shitty pie charts. Do you even know anything about history? You’re just a racist anti-black swine. I suggest you fuck all the way off you empty headed cretin.

- Eniola





but yeah people of colour never did anything hey

To whitepeoplesaidwhat, you took the africa comment purposely out of context, congrats. Your entire post is proving what I said in my original reply. And it must be so easy to just look at something and proclaim “there is nothing credible to disprove therefore the entire thing is wrong!” This is the behavior I criticize in you and other people like you. Here is tip, if you want to begin a rebuttal, dont open it with a out of context misquotation of something the person said. I said “At one point it was just like every other land because everywhere were uneducated tribes struggling to do anything” Everyone was like that, not just Africa. I was talking way back with different groups of people starting at the same level. No knowledge no government no innovations etc etc. There are no sweeping statements to made anywhere. The charts were for the comment of contribution, the 2nd was the highlight of Europe, the greatest contributor. It is so funny you mention history as if to disprove my comments.

The person above “nativeundercover”, here is something on africa and your precious pyramids I am sure you and everyone else will just ignore

Egypt was not just black people, it was comprise of Semetics, Arabs, Nubians, Macedonians, Greeks, Phonecians, Hittites, Berbers, Coptics, Caucasians etc

People seem to forget that the borders we have today are just man made boundaries and have no real bearing on who is who. Simply being on the continent of Africa doesnt make you “African” in the sense of what most people think, black. Might as well say Chinese people are white because its on the continent Eurasia. There are native white Africans that have been around for ages. In the long history of the Egyptian civilization there have been any ruling dynasties from many areas. Your “black” egyptians would be your Nubians. Many rulling Egyptian dynasties and peoples hated the Nubian and would often rage wars on them, and black africans in general and would go around “culling” them. They would also cover their skin in various color paint such as red and yellow.

Basically, the Egyptians were neither black or white or anything but rather multiracial with transitions of power and conquest. Of which, “blacks” held the least in Egypts history.

Today there are almost no black people in the area. It is mostly Arabs and your Berber people aka Coptics.

As far as African Americans go, or just black Americans who say how Egyptians were black, they came from South West Africa, and those Africans have very little to do with  Eastern and Northern Africans. China and Russia’s cultures and races have little to do with each other, despite being on the same large land mass.

A lot of this “Egyptians were black” afro-centric style and black history revisionist style of thinking emerged and became popular in the 70s to today, and has its foundations on very flimsy grounds. One of the proponents most famous for the black egyptian stance was Cheikh Anta Diop who has been criticized and challenged with most of his claims and work, and it never helped him or the theory when he refused to divulge his methods, especially his own “DNA and genetic” means to determine his claims.






Here is some further reading if you wish


Sources for further reading at bottom of each link

"Today there are no black people in the area". No black people in Egypt???? yes you have proven that you are ridiculously stupid and have absolutely no sense. The achievements of African people’s are not limited to Egypt either. You’re graphs were a joke and so are (well what I bothered to read) of your counter arguments. You are disgusting.

- Eniola

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sorry! your password must contain at least seventeen roman numerals and the entire script of shrek the third

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Just your daily reminder that capitalism is e e e E E E E E V V V V V I I I I L L L L L L L L L
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Ignoring your passion is slow suicide. Never ignore what your heart pumps for. Mold your career around your lifestyle not your lifestyle around your career."
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look at Shino’s style

I feel so bad for the greyscale kidit’s likehe’s so unimportant he doesn’t even get colour

Sasuke is not here for this shit.
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if you claim to be pro-black girl, you don’t get to choose which black girls are worthy of defending


all black girls are worthy of defending

  • poor black girls
  • sexually active black girls
  • abstinent black girls
  • queer black girls
  • immigrant black girls
  • mentally ill black girls
  • self-hating black girls
  • addicted black girls
  • fat black girls
  • trans* black girls
  • disabled black girls
  • muslim black girls
  • weave-wearing black girls
  • masculine-presenting black girls
  • all
  • black
  • girls
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Boston Colored People, Have Top Eye Open
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true friendship is talking about masturbating and it not being weird 

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